Friday, March 27, 2009

No More Sleeping In

Sadly, I think sleeping in is a thing of the past. It's Sunday morning and the (not so) little guy is up and at 'em. His normal wake up time seems to be around 730 or 8am now, though today it was 645. This doesn't sound overly early but having been off on mat leave for so long and being lucky enough to have him sleep in until 10am for the longest time....I need to start adjusting my going to bed time so that I'm not pooped in the mornings (or day I guess I should say) when I go back to work in early March. Ugh.

We're going out for breakfast at 930....I need breakfast (and coffee!!) to tide me over until breakfast, haha!


Loukia said...

Just popped in to say hello!

WendyB said...

Shannon, I ended up doing lots of changes in the code to position the background correctly. So many changes that I can't remember exactly HOW I got it right. If you give me your email address I'd be happy to copy and paste my code for you to look at, see if you can see the differences and amend yours to suit.


Loukia said...

I think sleeping in, once you're a mom, is a thing of the past. Sad, but true!

Lisa said...

Shannon as Wendy B has said I changed lots of different bits in the code to see what would work. I just made sure I wrote the code down before changing it, so that if it didn't work I could change it back to how it was.


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